The Plan for Aldie

Currently, Aldie has the appearance of a highway with buildings along it, not of a village with a main street. This condition encourages high driving speeds and makes the town unsafe and unpleasant for pedestrians. 

 Traffic calming will transform Route 50 in Aldie from this through highway...

Aldie Speedway a safe main road

The Traffic Calming Plan developed by the citizens for Aldie incorporates safe and aesthetic design features in and around the Village:

    Aldie Warning Strips
    Cobblestone or paving stone warning strips across the road within the transition zone helps alert motorists of the speed limit change. 
    Meetinghouse Lane
    Using different materials at the intersection of Route 50 and Meetinghouse Lane draws attention to the intersection, helps pedestrians cross the street safely, and discourages drivers from speeding.

    Building the western entrance feature where the wooded area starts just west of the last house in the town integrating with the natural surroundings. The 25 mph speed zone starts here for eastbound drivers; 35 mph zone starts for westbound drivers.

Information on traffic calming features for the other villages:

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