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If you are a member or supporter of the coalition, concerned about scenic and historic resources, or interested in traffic calming, this site provides information about an approach developed by citizens to preserve their community.

The Route 50 Corridor Coalition and area residents have created a nationally recognized traffic calming plan for 20 miles of historic Route 50. The plan is simple, inexpensive, and unanimously endorsed by local governments. It stresses safety, economy, and historic awareness. Project implementation is moving ahead.

UPDATED January 2008

Finally, Upperville Almost Finished! Other Portions Underway.

After twelve years of hard work, a section of the Route 50 Traffic Calming project has actually been built! The ribbon cutting ceremony for the town of Upperville was held on December 3rd, 2007. This is almost twelve years to the day of when the the Route 50 Corridor Coalition held the first community meeting (December 4, 1995). While we continue to be amazed at how long this has taken and at issues that still exist, we are thrilled to have a portion of the project built and two more sections underway.

The ribbon cutting ceremony for Upperville was very well attended on a cold day with a high wind advisory. The cozy, heated tent that VDOT provided was very much appreciated. Congressman Frank Wolf spoke warmly to the crowd about his continuing support for the project and the need to protect the scenic, historic Route 50 corridor. Senator John Warner was not able to attend, but he was there in spirit!

Many county and VDOT officials attended the event as well the Route 50 Corridor Coalition and Task Force members, members of local organizations and residents. We were especially pleased to have Dave Ekern, VDOT Commissioner, there to participate in the ribbon cutting.

The town of Upperville looks beautiful and we believe the traffic calming measures are working well. One of our county's supervisors said it even slowed his wife down and that was quite a feat! As soon as the weather warms up a bit, the rest of the cobblestone imprint can be finished and then all we need is time for the trees and other landscaping to grow.

The town of Aldie has had some minor problems that are being solved so the project should be advertised for construction in the fall of 2008.

Gilberts Corner is underway with a design-build team on board. We are all working on a few design issues. Meanwhile, the utility work is being done and plans are underway to start construction of the connector road and roundabouts in the spring.

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