The Plan for Upperville

 Like Aldie, Upperville looks like a highway with buildings on the side, instead of a town with a main street. There is nothing to indicate to motorists that they are in a village except a speed limit sign, which is largely disregarded. The road has been raised gradually over time and has become a barrier to town functions. 

“On my morning walk up the highway to the post office, I'm much closer to rampaging traffic than I ever was on the streets of New York.”
John Ross, Route 50 resident, Upperville

It is practically impossible to walk through the village, since the sidewalks have been allowed to deteriorate and motorists drive excessively fast. The Traffic Calming Plan will reclaim the main street of Upperville, make it more pedestrian- friendly, and keep the traffic moving within the speed limit.

The Plan for UppervilleUpperville

Trinity Church
Landscaped medians and a raised crosswalk will provide safety for pedestrians in Upperville. 

Planting trees in the median and on both sides of the main street will slow traffic by breaking up the sight distance and causing drivers to make a slight lateral shift around the median. Slowing the traffic here is especially important because the entrance to the Fire Station is just east of this area. The median and street trees will improve the aesthetics of the area as well. 

Stone wall guardrails on the sides of the road define a two-lane bridge with a safe walking path incorporated into the bridge structure. 

Information on traffic calming features for the other villages:

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