The Plan for Middleburg 

Downtown MiddleburgDowntown Middleburg

Middleburg was built using a traditional grid system with side streets crossing the main street at regular intervals. There are clearly distinct residential neighborhoods along the main street and a well-defined commercial center that extends for about four blocks.

Middleburg enjoys a very active street life, shared by residents, business owners, shoppers, and tourists. The commercial center includes not only shops, but also two grocery stores, the Middleburg Community Center, office space in historic buildings, and restaurants.

The Plan for Middleburg recognizes these commercial and residential distinctions and applies Traffic Calming measures that will enhance each area, make the distinctions more readily apparent to drivers, and increase access to the business area for both motorists and pedestrians: 

Moving the 35 mph 300 to 500 feet further east to give motorists time to slow down before reaching the intersection of Sam Fred Road and Melmore Drive. Using cobblestone or paving stone warning strips within this zone to makes drivers more aware of the lower speed zone.
Replacing the complicated inter-section of Marshall Street and Madison Street in front of Mosby's Tavern with two simple T-intersections. Expand the triangular park in front of Mosby's Tavern, adding a walking path that is connected with the other sidewalks in town.
    Tree- landscaped bulbs narrow every four-way intersection from Hamilton Street to The Plains Road; while still allowing for adequate turning radii where large trucks and horse trailers regularly travel.
    Stone wall guardrails replace industrial guardrails near Windy Hill. A brick pedestrian crossing helps focus motorists' attention on the entrance, providing a safer pedestrian crossing from the north sidewalk to the walking path that will be built to houses just west of the town limits. 
    Replacing the four-lane section of highway west of the entrance feature with a two-lane highway keesp with the design for the rest of Route 50 outside the villages.
“We have both been extremely impressed with the inclusive and intelligent approach taken by the Route 50 Corridor Coalition; it is no surprise to us that traffic calming enjoys such a broad base of grassroots support. [It] can save the integrity of our community, the economic health of our businesses, and the overall character of the town.”
Sue & Huntington Lyman- Residents of Route 50 Middleburg

    Information on traffic calming features for the other villages:

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